Minigraver Yanmar B15-3

  • Luxurious adjustable drivers seat: forward adjustment, backrest inclination adjustment and weight adjustment.
  • Well organised pilot system: joysticks, armrests and travelling levers equipped with pedals.
  • Canopy and cabin fully compliant to safety norms: ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structures) and FOPS1 (Falling Object Protective Structures).
  • Progressive hydraulic pilot system for more smoothness and precision.
  • Maximum superb all-round operator visibility.
  • Hydraulic hoses to the swing motors protected by steel covers.
  • Central guiding of flexibles hoses and use of swivel joints to eliminate twisting problems.
  • Environment friendly : compliant to environment norm 97/68/EC (exhaust emissions).
  • Low speed - increased productivity.
  • High capacity air filter.
  • Heavy duty battery.
  • Quiet.

Pris Info

Døgn med MVA: 625,00


Døgn uten MVA: 500,00


Helg med MVA: 1500,00


Helg uten MVA: 1200,00

Randaberg Verktøy  Utleie AS

Røsslyngveien 18

4070 Randaberg